Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance to protect your ride

Motorcycle insurance protects you and your bike when out on the roads. Motorcycle insurance is required by the state, just like auto insurance. There are options in terms of the level of coverage as well as additional coverage options.

At Marklin Insurance Agency, we explain your coverage options and helping to find the lowest monthly premium. Where you live and your driving record are taken into consideration when insurance companies calculate the cost of your premium.

We help you find the right coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Motorcycle Insurance - Kentucky
Cycle Insurance - Kentucky

You may qualify for a number of discounts including

  • Insuring more than one motorcycle
  • Mature riders
  • Credit for qualified safety courses
  • Discounts for living in a certain locations
  • Motorcycle organization & association discounts
  • Multi-policies with certain insurance companies

Start Saving On Your Motorcycle Coverage

You can reduce your monthly premium by paying quarterly and annually as well as other available premium discounts.

Potential discounts that can provide additional savings may include:

  • Multiple motorcycle coverage
  • Experienced driver discount
  • Loyalty discount for having multiple insurance policies
  • Coverage renewals
  • Completion and certification for qualified safety courses
Motorcycle Insurance Discounts - Kentucky